‘Witty, sparkling and romantic, this is a fabulous read.’ – Amanda Grange, bestselling author of Mr Darcy’s Diary.

“Wooooeeee! What a great read!!”- Sandy Appleyard

“This funny, charming, delightful story.” – Susan Aylworth

“Unlike anything I’ve read. A book which affirms the very best!” – Paula Rose Michelson

“Ms Kearns has returned to the tradition of decency, honor and rough-diamond gallantry. Hip, hip, hooray!” – Iphigenia d’Agamemnon

The American West,1867. After a stagecoach wreck, well-bred bookish spinster, Annie Haddon, (product of mustn’t-take-off-your-hat, mustn’t-take-off-your-gloves, mustn’t-get -hot-or-perspire Victorian society) is thrown into the company of cowboy, Colt McCall – a man who lives by his own rules and hates the English. Can two people from such wildly different backgrounds learn to trust each other? Annie and McCall find out on their journey across the haunting, mystical landscape of the West.

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