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I’m absolutely delighted to announce that the winner of the artisan block print scarf is…

One of my favorite writers, the lovely JUNE KEARNS.

(Thank you June, and please drop me a note to let me know where to send your scarf.) June’s wonderful romances are available here.

Towel Elephant Head or Towel Swan? The votes are in!

My apologies for delays in announcing the winner of my towel animal survey. Personally, I consider myself the winner because Team Swan held a clear majority. However, I also promised to draw a prize winner from those who voted for the winning team. Only… I couldn’t. Apparently, the high-tech folks at WordPress are keeping actual voters a deep secret. So I took the names of everyone who stopped by, commented, or ‘liked’ the post and used the Random Name Picker to draw one name.

Thank you SO much…

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