Barb Taub

~WARNING: this blog post contains a really scary spider.~

DIY Penicillin“Tell me again why we need these?” We were surrounded by mountains of cardboard boxes, and the Hub was staring in disbelief at the one he’d just opened. The one containing (not one but three!) toilet roll holders, each with storage space for even more rolls. Then there was the copiously bubble-wrapped Taub Memorial Collection of Matching Liquid Handsoap Dispensers and Soap Dishes. He is completely mystified by my need to move perfectly accessible stashes of TP from where they belong—the floor next to the toilet (still in their original packaging, of course)—while at the same time decanting liquid soap from a perfectly usable plastic container into a different container. (And don’t even get him started on my compulsive need to run that dishwasher just because it’s full of dirty dishes when anyone can tell there is room to cram in at least…

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