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Barb Taub

A while ago several of my friends were discussing the number of wedding presents to be purchased this time of year. Somehow (there may have been margaritas involved) the topic turned to things somebody should have mentioned before the I-do’s. I first posted this blog several years ago, it has continued to get more search requests and hits than anything else I’ve written. I find this sad… [image credit:]

My fellow women, many brave margaritas were sacrificed to bring you the cautionary warnings in the following list. If you get married, chances are good your spouse will be a male______ [fill in blank from list below. Bonus points if you get all ten.]**

10. DRIVER: Unless you live in Manhattan or have accumulated buckets of disposable income the old-fashioned way—lottery, inheritance, sneaking onto a city bus that’s had an accident so you can claim…

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