Rereading Jane Eyre

I really loved this novel. It draws you in from page one with the setting, writing style, love story, and hint of humour.
It was easy for me to love it, because it has all the elements I enjoy as a reader.

20s girl
Firstly, I’m especially attracted to historical novels, and it is set in the past, specifically in the 1920s, as the title informs us, so we are able to glimpse at these challenging post-war years, during which the human loss of sons, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends, was enhanced by the drear financial situation.

Secondly, there are two spectacular and contrasting settings to experience, the fertile, green and rainy English countryside, with its polite and quaint inhabitants and lifestyle, and an isolated, hot and dry Texan ranch, with rough cowboys!

Thirdly, it is romantic, and I can’t resist a good, historical romance. However, this romance is not your typical instant…

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